About Us

Who We Are

We are Atanshop.com
An online web portal that helps you save your hard earned money without sacrificing your shopping habits.

Atan online shop offers you a shopping practice that is incomparable in Pakistan. We take sellers from different locations from across diverse product ranges and buyers from all over Pakistan, together, in a unique digital marketplace. Our wide assortment in consumer electronics, fashion and beauty, home décor, sports and entertainment, groceries and other product ranges makes us an exclusive one stop shop for easy buying.

What We Do!

We work day and night to bring Amazingly Discounted Deals on finest quality product ranging from Designer clothing, Shoes and Accessories, Decor, Handicrafts, Carpets, Books & Stationary, Artworks, Electronics, Appliances and Tech Gadgets.

Because we know there's a lot of shopping to be done but no time to do it, which is one of the biggest woes of life. So with our website one can shop to their heart's content each with just a click of a button.