Air Compressor Pump – Dc 12V

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Key Feature:

Air Compressor Pump – Dc 12V

  • Single Cylinder
  • Premium Quality
  • Output: 250 Psi
  • Voltage: 12V

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Air Compressor Pump – Dc 12V


This Magic Hose Water Pipe is a high-quality multi-functional hose pipe that is ideally used for home, garden or vehicle use. Use it to clean dirt, water your plants or even turbo wash your car. It is so easy to use; simply connect it to any standard water connection and set the nozzle according to your use. Choose from 7 different nozzle settings, be it jet spray, shower, mist, full, flat, center or cone spray pattern. The big water pressure settings are powerful enough to wash the toughest stains off cars and the small settings are gentle enough for watering fragile plants and gardens. Make house chores an easy task with this Magic Hose Water Pipe. Purchase online in Pakistan at an affordable price on and get the delivery at your doorstep.Your 12-volt compressor could help you with a wide range of small tasks, from inflating tires of lawn-mower to bike and pumping up your son’s football. Still, the most common task is for saving you the hassles of getting your car tires blow up.

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1 x Air Compressor Pump – Dc 12V

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